Bringing in 2012 – Seldovia Style!

| January 1, 2012 | 0 Comments

video and story by Jenny Chissus


Once again, the Swick and Giles families put together an AMAZING fireworks display for the lucky Seldovians who had the enthusiasm and energy to meet at the small plane airstrip Saturday at midnight to ring in the New Year.

Is is estimated that almost 150 folks gathered at the airport, young and old to celebrate the beginning of 2012.  Some came on foot, others on four-wheelers (one was adorned with Christmas lights!), snow machines, cars, trucks  and vans full of kids all came out to celebrate together!

On the dot – of midnight – the fireworks began!  It is quite a choreographed affair, with lines of fireworks, timed correctly, to go off together or in a sequence!  The pyrotechnics set up on the north end of the airport – allowing plenty of room for parked vehicles to watch with unobstructed views of the show.

The show continued for a full 20 minutes (NOTE:  the video is just 1/20th of the length of the real show)- and was a thrill for all who had the courage to head out in the cold!  The weather in Seldovia this past week has been in the single digits, and it was painfully cold!  I enjoyed the show outside the vehicle, as I love the sound of the fireworks, and for video – being warm inside the truck wouldn’t have been a good trade for having to film through the windshield!

Once again, thanks to the Giles and Swick families, who make the effort each year to travel to Anchorage to purchase the fireworks, set up the show, work out in the cold (while many folks enjoy the show from inside their warm vehicles) and we can’t leave out the risk that they take working with fireworks, torches, night, weather, etc!  You all do a great job that the whole community gets to enjoy!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

We also want to thank all the folks who offered financial support for this community tradition – it wouldn’t be possible without you!


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