Congratulations Seldovia Graduates! Part I of V – Taylor Morgan Haller

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by Jenny Chissus

This week, we are honoring our 5 Seldovia graduates, Alexandria (Xandria), Aydana, Chaela, Kaitlyn and Taylor!  5 beautiful girls with 5 stories to share about their Seldovia experience in school and community!  This is part I of V in a series this week!  Graduation will be held at Susan B English school on May 20, 2014 at 4:00pm in the school gymnasium and all are welcome to celebrate with our graduates and families!

There is one exception as Aydana Omar will be leaving Seldovia for Kazakhstan on Monday, the day before graduation, so there will be a Community Graduation/Certificate Ceremony for her on Sunday, May 18th at the Sea Otter Community Center at 4:00pm, with a potluck to follow – and all are welcome!

TaylorPortraitCongratulations Taylor!

Gazette:  What is your “Seldovia” story?
Taylor:  When I was younger, my dad was in the army for 13 years, so we moved around a lot, and I do mean a lot.  Before we moved to Seldovia we spent a few years in Washington. My parents came to us kids and we had a family meeting. We, as a family, decided we were going to move to Seldovia. June 28th we came off of the Kennicott into this beautiful town and that is when my life changed.
TaylorCamera I can remember getting off the boat in the car and Kaitlyn and a few other people were standing there to wave to us.  A part of me missed Washington, but a part of me knew that I was home.

TaylorTiffanyBeing in Seldovia has let me do things I would never be able to do. For example, walk around town with my friends or stay out till midnight on teen night. I remember the first year I was here, every time I wanted to go outside I asked my dad, out of habit. He finally got annoyed with me asking every day if I could go outside and he said that I don’t have to ask anymore because if I do something, it would get to the other end of town before I even got home. He knew I would be safe.

TaylorChanceLiving in Seldovia has given me wonderful opportunities. I played volleyball for 3 of my 4 years.   I attempted to play basketball my junior year and I enjoyed being the girls’ basketball team manager!   I was part of student council 3 of my 4 years and president and vice president throughout the last 4 years.   This year I am also part of the National Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Board.  Also, being in Seldovia I have been able to have a summer job every year, which is a lot of fun!  All in all, I love Seldovia and how everyone cares. Seldovia is just very homey.

TaylorYoungGazette:   As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Now, as a senior – what do you want to be when you grow up? How has that changed?
Taylor:  As a child I wanted to be anything and everything! Like any child, I wanted to be a firefighter, a doctor, a princess, (oh if only I could be a princess) a singer and a marine biologist. But I think my true passion lies in cooking.  I think it started to come out in middle school, but started showing more here in Seldovia. Through the last four years I have had the privilege of having foods class with Mrs. Bornheimer and it has been my favorite class every year.  I love to cook!

TaylorCheerGazette:  What are some of your favorite school memories? Seldovia memories? Favorite school memories?
Taylor:  Well where do I begin? I think my favorite memories always happen on volleyball trips. This year we got to do co-ed. Having the boys on the team was a BLAST! There was NO drama at all and they kept everything fun. One of the funniest things I can remember was last year when I was obsessed with One Direction. I made a cake and put a lot of decorations on it, and in the corner of the cake I put 1D on it. The whole cake was eaten except the part that said 1D! Everyone teased me about it for like 2 weeks!

TaylorDadAnother one of my favorite memories in school was when Seth and Kaitlyn would sing “Believe” by Cher.  Mr. Winters was our teacher at the time, and when they came to the part “Do you believe in life after love?” Mr. Winters said very loudly, NO!  I laughed so hard. One of my favorite Seldovia memories is whenever I have a bonfire with all my friends. My friends are the greatest people in the world.

Gazette:   What are your plans this summer? This next year?
Taylor:  This summer I will be working my own hot dog stand called Main Street Munchies. That is the only thing I really have planned. This next year my best friend from Washington will be moving up here. We will both be going to KPC the following year. This next year we plan on working before we go off to college.

TaylorAshleyGazette:   Growing up requires a lot of help – who do you want to thank? Who made a big impression on you and has influenced you in a positive way? Who deserves a “Virtual Rose”?
TaylorTiffanyTaylor:  I would like to thank many people. Mom and Dad, thank you for dealing with me the last 18 years. I know I have been a pain but thank you for never giving up on me even though I’m probably the most stubborn person in the house. Thank you for raising me right. You guy are the best. Jenny, thank you for everything you’ve done to help me with my photography. It means a lot to me. Ms. Montgomery, thank you for all the hard work you put into me and all the other students. You are an amazing teacher and friend! Mrs. Bornheimer, thank you for paying out of your own pocket most of the time just to do foods class. We all love that class and I am so happy you did it our senior year. Ms. Sensenig, thank you for being our advisor and helping so much with everything.

TaylorRobertGazette:  What would you do with your life if you KNEW you could not fail?
Taylor:  If I knew I would not fail I would open a small bakery/coffee shop. That is what I have wanted to do for the past two years.

Gazette:   Final thoughts?
Taylor:  My time in Seldovia was short but in the years I’ve been here I have made wonderful friends, I have learned and seen so much. Thank you to everyone who was there for me and everyone who never gave up. This is one of the saddest goodbyes I’ve had to say. I know I will see everyone around town, but this goodbye means the start of my new life, as an adult. So thank you to everyone who has helped me grow up into the person I am today. As I am writing this, my eyes are tearing up. I feel like I am saying goodbye for good. Where ever my life takes me, Seldovia will always be my home.

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