Principal/Teacher Interviews Thursday at 5:30pm – Quick Answers from Dr. Atwater

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by Jenny Chissus

SBE Future PrincipalThis will be the third time we have hosted the KPBSD for Principal/Teacher interviews in the last year.  Our current principal/teacher, Judy Standafer has given her notice, and will be leaving Seldovia at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.  So, we are on the lookout for a new principal for our beloved Susan B English school!

Since our family moved to Seldovia twelve years ago, we have seen 6 principals in our school!  We realize that Seldovia has always been a small school and the testing ground or beginning stop for some.  Our hope as parents has been to find the individual who wants to make Seldovia their home, our community and our students a long-term part of their life!  It is a trick, as most experienced administrators are “moving up” in the career, to bigger schools, larger staff, etc.

To me, I see this as an opportunity that is exceptional!

We have a beautiful school facility and a parent population that is very involved and interested in what is happening at the school.   The physical environment forlearning is optimal and the facility is amazing for such a small school population.  Our kids respect the school and have a real sense of belonging.

What are we looking for?  Superman/woman of course!  But in talking with many parents about what they feel is important, the main things I hear are:  we need strong leadership, a quest for excellence, an administrator who sees the potential and excitement of where we live and the types of unique learning environments we can provide (use of NOAA lab, marine sciences, navigational studies, vocational instruction – with our great shop facilities, environmental, outdoor/orienteering skills, outdoor sports, etc.), a listener who will take action on issues important to students and parents, an innovator with a heart for our kids and a passion for learning with the ability to be flexible knowing that we can tailor our school to suit our kids, our environment, our assets!  We’d like to see someone who creates enthusiasm for the opportunity to learn and grow, as a school and as a community!    I know, it is a list – that just may scare off some candidates!

Dr. Steve Atwater, KPBSD Superintendent

Dr. Steve Atwater, KPBSD Superintendent

Looking for more than a mere announcement, I took a moment to email Dr Atwater a few questions about the upcoming interview, and have attached his responses here.  He is a busy man, and I appreciate his time!  Thank you in advance to the candidates looking to find the community and position of their dreams in Seldovia!  Here’s to meeting our new principal!

1) Have you finalized your list of candidates, and how many candidates were selected for the interviews on Thursday? Four

2) Will they all be in person? No, all candidates will be interviewing via Skype.

3) Are the candidates all from Alaska? Yes

4) Who all will be here for the interviews?   Sean Dusek, Joann Riener and me

5) Are any of the candidates people we’ve seen before?  No

6) I understand that each interview is 40 minutes long, is that correct? No, 30 minutes each.

7) What were the main things you were looking for in these candidates?  Experience, Understanding of instruction, Understanding of small school

8) What have you learned about Seldovia and Susan B English school through this process, as you have been here three times in the last year?  We have learned that Seldovia is an attractive place for many, but that many experienced principals do not view SBE as an advance (due to size) in their career.

9) Last time, all candidates had elementary backgrounds, have you seen some candidates that have a strong K-12 or even secondary level experience?  Both

10) How can the individuals who attend the interviews be the most helpful in this process?  We appreciate the community feedback that you will provide after the interviews.
Thanks Steve – looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!  Thanks see you then.

Please make/take the time to join us for the interviewing process

on Thursday, starting at

5:30pm at SBE on 2/27/2014

It is important for the future of our school and community!

See you there!

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