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Chamber Sponsored Event – Charity Lunch Auction

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Alaska’s Governor Mike Dunleavy to be honored at Seldovia’s Independence Day Festivities

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Every year, the chamber nominates someone who has played a positive role in our local community or to an individual who has made an impact on our great state of Alaska!

This year our Chamber is thrilled to announce that our Alaska Governor, Mike Dunleavy will be honored as our “Old Crab” for Seldovia’s 4th of July celebration!

We have hosted many dignitaries and celebrities through the years, and look forward to our Governor’s participation in 2024! This great state is made up of so many little communities like ours, and we are thankful and honored that he will be joining us this Independence Day!

The Governor and the First Lady, Rose Dunleavy will be around town for much of the day, riding in the parade and celebrating with us! Join in the fun this year as our theme for the day is “Star Spangled Salmon” – you too can join in the parade!

Just after the parade, from the Grand Stage by the harbormaster’s office, there will be an auction to have lunch with the Governor and First Lady! 

Proceeds will be split between the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce to support our 4th of July event, and Susan B English students raising funds to attend Close Up in Washington DC!  Such great causes! 

Please come to bid on a private luncheon for two with the Governor!

Chamber – 4th of July Planning Meeting

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Announcing our 4th of July Coordinator – Madalyn Grahn!

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We are so excited to announce that Madalyn Grahn has accepted the position of 4th of July Coordinator for 2024! Such a vital and important position for a great Seldovia event!!    There is a lot to chat about, but what we’d really like to know is, tell us about why you are excited about being the coordinator this year?

Madalyn – I am really excited to be able to do this job with my little one in tow. I want to make it an amazing family friendly event, and show all the fun Seldovia has to give. I really love the theme this year, “Star Spangled Salmon”, and think we can showcase it big for this year’s event. 

It is always good to fill folks in on some history, how long have you lived in Seldovia and what do you love most about living and raising your family here?

Madalyn – I spent my first summer here in Seldovia in 2014, and my family moved here full-time after getting married in 2016. What we love most about Seldovia is the community we have here. Waving to people passing by, and stopping for a chat while on a walk is the best feeling. I love that everyone knows my daughter’s name, and the names of my pups. 

So Madalyn, I know you’ve done this before – but what do you love about the event and what kind of new ideas are you willing to share about 2024?  I know you just found out that you were selected – so you may not have any solid plans quite yet… but tell us what you can!

Madalyn – I love that with our small town we love to make the 4th of July big. This year I am really excited to make the 4th one for the books. I want to bring back some of the old traditions, and blend some new ones in too. Expect something different (new and old) with the parade this year, and the duck race. I also hope to have a large after-party for everyone to unwind and let loose a little. 

What can we do as a community – and chamber to support you and make this a successful event this year?  

Madalyn – Volunteer of course! This event is not successful without the help of MANY. We have so many different events to help out at:

Set up, parade, bike decorations, pancake breakfast, kids games, adult games, ducky race, take down, and many more!

I’m ALWAYS open to new ideas. So please, if you have some let’s talk about it!

If you would like to help out this year, please give me a call or a text, if I don’t answer, baby is probably napping 🙂 so leave me a message! You can also shoot me an email. 

Madalyn Grahn

Thanks everyone! Let’s make this year’s 4th one to remember! 

Chamber of Commerce – 4th of July Souvenir Button Design Contest

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Chamber of Commerce – 4th of July Event Coordinator

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