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Goat Hunt Registration Permits Available

Goat Hunt Registration Permits Available

| July 15, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Jason Herreman

DeptFishGameLogoRegistration permits to hunt local mountain goats (RG364) will be available in Seldovia at 9 a.m on Thursday, July 17, 2014 in the multipurpose room of the library building.

Any Alaska resident with a current hunting license (or a permanent hunting license) may get a permit on a first come first serve basis.  Only 15 permits will be available.  Permits must be picked up in person by the hunter – no exceptions.

A map of the hunt area is available at

For more information, please contact Jason Herreman at Homer-ADF&G (235-1725).


GoatHuntImageJason Herreman

Kenai Assistant Area Biologist


Fax: 235-2448

3298 Douglas Place

Homer, AK 99603


John Craigie and Leigh Jones Come to Seldovia on the 19th

John Craigie and Leigh Jones Come to Seldovia on the 19th

| July 9, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Susan Mumma

CraigieWhiteRoofHi Everyone!

Another great concert is set for July 19 at 7:00pm. These great Portland based songwriters and players are playing to sold out crowds!

On a nice day we may go out to the deck to listen to music plus the sounds of the wild Alaska.  Bring a pair of sunglasses and sweater.

$15  Donation includes dessert.

Please call 234-7614  or email for a reservation. This help to plan for dessert and chairs.  John has been selling out shows all over the Northwest,  so plan early space is limited.

For the past decade, John Craigie has “lived the life romantic” of a continuously touring folk-singer, taking his unique musical style across the United States and the world. A singer, songwriter and storyteller, he stays true to the essence of folk music, and the traditions of the seminal writers of our past century. With timeless melodies and insightful lyrics—interspersed with witty storytelling—his songs take many poetic turns before bringing his listeners back home. His themes range from social commentary to personal empowerment, political satire, and modern love.

John’s live performances – in private homes, cafes, festivals, and sold-out venues – inspire and delight his audiences, who welcome him like a long-lost son, and return to see him whenever he visits. He has traveled around the world, having played in all 50 states and beyond, bringing his music to nearly every corner of the planet. His fans span generations, political ideologies and geographic locations, but they are all charmed by the dynamic yet humble troubadour peering out from under his signature cap.

John Craigie writes, sings, and plays for the people.

Leigh 2Leigh Jones is Portland based singer, writer and actor.   

She has had the itch to write songs most of her life, but it wasn’t until she received a ukulele as a Christmas gift in 2009 that she, at long last, began composing in earnest.  Leigh grew up in North Carolina, performing in local theatre whenever she had the chance, and eventually went on to earn a Drama degree from New York University’s Tech School of the Arts. Over the past three years, she has completed extensive tours throughout the US and abroad, and in the fall of 2012 she released her debut LP, Worth Wild.  Sparked by relationships, travel, and a keen sense of whimsy, Leigh’s music evokes the spirit of city life, while allowing her southern roots to shine gloriously through.  Drawing inspiration from such artists as Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, Neko Case, and so many of her own peers, Leigh performs with the theatricality of a trained actor while her simultaneously sweet and dynamic melodies capture the soulfulness that is at the core of her songwriting.

So, You Want to go Fishing?  You can in Seldovia, with “Salmon Annie”!

So, You Want to go Fishing? You can in Seldovia, with “Salmon Annie”!

| July 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

Salmon Annie

I had the true pleasure to run into our very own “Salmon Annie” at the docks in Seldovia the other day.  She and her family have started an exciting new business here in Seldovia, focused on the bounty and beauty of our Alaskan waters.  “Salmon Annie” as she is lovingly called, began a guiding service, giving others a glimpse into her family’s set netting experience on Seldovia Bay.

Some folks like to come to Seldovia to have lunch, walk around a bit, take a hike on the Otterbahn trail, tour the museum or shop in our stores, but others… are looking for a little more adventure, or an opportunity to see the beauty of Alaska up close and personal, and are not afraid to get a little wet, or dirty in the process!

Annie is hopeful that this will be an opportunity for folks to see how people live in Alaska, get a taste of how set netting works, setting the nets, picking the fish and enjoying being out on the water!  She also hopes that the local folks will enjoy sharing this experience with their visiting family and friends who are looking for an authentic look into the Alaskan lifestyle.

For more information about this great new adventure in Seldovia, please check out Salmon Annie’s website here at  I threw a few additional questions her way to explain the beginnings of this idea, and how Annie is working to share the excitement of fishing while maintaining a family business!

Gazette: You’ve been set netting since 2001 – was that on your own, or did you start with your family?

Annie:  I actually started set-netting here with Seldovian, Dave Chartier. I would deck hand for Dave, Alex, and Brian. I lived on Powder Island in my tent that summer and learned to fish with their family operation. I would set-net every summer and go back to school at University of Northern Colorado every year. I fished with Dave one summer and the rest of the summers I was fishing with a family on Isthmus Island out in Little Tutka Bay.  I enjoyed being a deck hand and a nanny for a family operation – my friend had two little baby boys.  I learned a lot about fishing, marriage, family, life…

Salmon Annie's website

Gazette:  You’ve been set netting in Seldovia since 2006 – how did you pick Seldovia?

Annie:  I was about to graduate college and after doing my student teaching, landed a job at Homer Middle School. I started talking to all the fisherman on the “line” – from Seldovia to Halibut Cove seeing if anyone wanted to sell. I would bake cookies and bread and go chat with them for a possibility of purchasing sites.

Gazette:  What’s your favorite thing about fishing?

Annie:  I love being on the water. It calms my soul. I also love to work hard. There are no “I can’t”s in fishing. Things have to get done and you just do it. It was also the perfect complement to teaching during the school year which was so emotionally draining – to then having a physically demanding job such as fishing. Mostly, I love the water.

Gazette: How is it fishing with the kiddos?  Do they love being in the skiff?

Annie:  Joy LOVES it. She grew up in the fish tote – one without fish in it of course. She is very good at identifying the species. Obadiah gets tied onto the bow line – he is so busy – and he doesn’t like it like Joy does. He is glad when we are all done. And the baby? He is happy as long as he is with us.

Gazette:  Having fished for over 13 years – have you seen a difference in how you fish?  The amount of fish?  The types of fish?

Annie:  Yes – My role in fishing has changed from deck-hand,  skipper, wife, mother… so this new business guiding is in one way – a way for me to get on the gear more and hopefully pay for our nanny so I can be fishing.  Also, yes, much less Kings and more pinks earlier in the season, as far as Seldovia Bay goes. Jacks are back this year for the first time since about 2007!

Gazette:  What made you decide to be a guide?

Annie:  For the reasons I stated above and also because fishing has become less profitable for us, we needed to find a way to make it more profitable. I also wanted people to have something to do in Seldovia when they are here.

Gazette:  What do you think people will get out of this experience of fishing with Salmon Annie?

Annie:  Well, that’s sort of all on the website – – so check that out!  But, in short, hands-on commercial fishing experience, memories, views, etc. Very personable fishing and handling of each species…

Gazette:  What is your season?  From when to when?

Annie:  We fish June and July. But we are guiding into the second week of July.

Gazette:  Then folks better Call now and secure their spot – as days and time frame is limited!  First come, first served!

Gazette:  Is this a good experience for any age?  Do you have any restrictions?  Age? Ability?

Annie:  All people. Any age or ability. Totally inclusive!

Gazette:  Give Annie a call – She’d love to share this great experience with you!   You can reach Annie at:  907-756-1110 or email her directly at:

Salmon Shuffle Results

Salmon Shuffle Results

| July 5, 2014 | 0 Comments

Salmon Shuffle Results Banner


Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

| July 4, 2014 | 0 Comments


Seldovia Story Booth on the 4th

Seldovia Story Booth on the 4th

| July 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Jan Yaeger

Gazette article - Storytelling Booth - IM