Getting to Seldovia

Seldovia is definitely off the beaten path!  Being off the road system has its advantages for sure.  Less people, no street lights, mostly gravel roads so the speed limit is rarely an issue – and lots of access to the beauty of wild Alaska!

Please click on the above tab ABOUT SELDOVIA, then on TRANSPORTATION TO SELDOVIA, where you can choose to search for transportation BY AIR – to view the flight services that come into our small airport, BY SEA – to view the passenger ferries and the Alaska Marine Highway information, BY SEA TO JAKOLOF – which features the water taxis that come and go from the Jakolof Bay dock, and then of course, GETTING AROUND TOWN – to show you the options when in Seldovia!

Thanks for checking out the many ways to get to Seldovia – we look forward to seeing you here!