To Do

If you are looking to experience true wilderness, you have come to the right place. We are spoiled with many inviting hiking trails that wind you through the woods and up our pristine mountains. We only have 15 miles of road (or so) in Seldovia, so there’s truly no need for a vehicle when coming to explore our beautiful surroundings. You may explore further out towards Jakolof Bay to hike Red Mountain and see the abandoned chrome mines.

Though the hiking in Seldovia is spectacular, most of our visitors find themselves back by the water.  Since Seldovia is only accessible by plane or boat, we are dependent on the water for transportation as well as beauty and the opportunity to explore.  Seldovia Bay is a protected bay that has restrictions on personal watercraft (Jet skis, Seadoos, etc) but offers wonderful sea kayaking, skiff exploring, pedal boats, sailing, rowing and canoeing.  We are also known for exceptional diving and snorkeling in Kasitsna Bay out at the University of Alaska Fairbanks/NOAA Lab.  If you are a photographer, Seldovia’s scenery, marine life and wildlife that abounds will quickly fill up your portfolio with amazing evidence that Alaska is one of the America’s most beautiful states!

One of the most memorable ways to take in the wild beauty of Seldovia and its surrounding areas is with a bird’s eye view.  Both Homer Air and Smokey Bay Air offer visitors the opportunity to fly over other communities on the east side of Kachemak Bay, like Halibut Cove, Peterson Bay, Bear Cove, Port Graham or Nanwalek, to see the glorious colors of Red Mountain or the remote beauty of Seldovia Lake and massive glaciers that separate our communities from the peninsula.

Homer is known as the halibut fishing capital of the world , and Seldovia is a whole hour closer to the best fishing spots in Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet!  So that means you have two extra hours to fish during the same amount of daylight!  We have a few fishing charters that operate out of Seldovia for the halibut just outside our bay, as well as out by the compass rose!  In late May and early June we have a great King salmon run right into our slough heading up to Fish Creek.  This allows anglers to walk right to the Seldovia Slough bridge and drop their line and pull in a King salmon right from the bridge!  No need to even get in a boat!  We have two fishing tournaments in Seldovia, one for salmon, and the other is the Human Powered Fishing tournament on Memorial Day Weekend that offers prizes for a variety of fish that may end up on the end of your line!

From quiet adventures kayaking on the bay to exciting halibut charters with friends, Seldovia is where you will meet up with wild Alaska, up close and personal.