Tent and Day Camper Facilities

Outside Beach Camping
Located at Outside Beach, you must take Jakolof Road from Seldovia, go approximately 1 mile, turn left on road just after the old Missionary Baptist Church building, this road will lead you to Outside Beach.

Facilities available at Outside Beach include a public restroom, pavilion and picnic tables. No showers.

All campers must register and pay a small daily usage fee at the City Offices.  Call 234-7643 for information.

Seldovia Wilderness RV Park

The RV Park is located on the hill above  Outside Beach.  If you want to hike up to the RV Park from Outside Beach, you may follow the road parallel to the beach (going north) and up the hill. Nice little hike!  Keep a lookout for an eagle’s nest on the beach side of the road as you go up the hill to the RV Park!

Bring your RV across on the AMHS Tustumena and then set up camp in Seldovia’s Wilderness RV Park!

There is a fresh water pump, which is an antique – beautiful to behold and fun to use!

The road entrance to Wilderness RV Park is located at mile post 1.5 on Jakolof Road.  If leaving Seldovia going towards McDonald Spit, the turn off will be on your left, a short distance after you pass the turn off for Outside Beach. Look for the sign.

The park is maintained by the City of Seldovia and has prepared level sites, fire pits, restrooms (outhouse), and a fresh water pump.

Fees – Best to Call City Offices at 907-234-7643.   You can check in at the City Offices to pay your fee when you get off the ferry (the City Offices are located in the blue steel building at the dock entrance).

If you have any questions, please call the City Offices at 907-234-7643