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Alaska Communications Lines… Interrupted

| July 30, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

Many of Seldovia's internet and phone connections went down today - here's why!  photo by City Mgr Tim Dillon

Many of Seldovia’s internet and phone connections went down today – here’s why! photo by City Mgr Tim Dillon

This afternoon, around 4pm as Hopkins Brother’s Construction was digging a trench to connect the water and sewer lines for a new home construction on Winifred, the bucket grabbed ahold of the ACS line and shredded a good portion of Seldovia’s connection to the outside world!

Lucky me, I am still on line.  Though a certain many others are still functioning, an unknown number of internet and phone lines are down, until possibly 4pm tomorrow.  Thankfully Dominic with Alaska Communications is already in Seldovia and will be getting an early start on the project in the morning – along with another technician who arrives tomorrow.

As you can see by this photo, taken by Tim Dillon, the line is buddied up with the main power line – so, this situation could have been a whole lot worse!  Thankfully, no one was hurt!  So, consider this a mini vacation, at least from technology for a few hours!

Thankfully cell service is still working – but obviously not wifi in homes that are affected.  I’m on line here on Main Street – so if someone needs a connection urgently – please don’t be afraid to stop by – I’m happy to help if I can!

Summer Of Heroes Honors a Seldovia Youth, Chance Haller

| August 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Alaska Communications, Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska Announce

2013 Summer of Heroes Honorees
Seven Alaskan youth heroes receive $1,500 scholarships and recognition at the Alaska State Fair


Alaska Communications and Boys & Girls – Clubs Alaska recognize seven youth heroes as part of the 2013 Summer of Heroes program. Alaska Communications presented each hero with a $1,500 scholarship during a ceremony at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer on Sunday, Aug. 25. This year’s honorees are (from top left) Tyrel Gusty of Stony River, Jezzroy Gordon-Wolfe of Fairbanks, Sarah Mixsell of Anchorage, Chance Haller of Seldovia, Eric Gusty of Stony River, and Kearstyn Cotton and Cassie Welch of Anchorage.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA (Aug. 26, 2013) – Alaska Communications, in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska, announced its seven 2013 Summer of Heroes honorees on Sunday, Aug. 25, at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer.  Corey Allen-Young joined Andy Coon, vice president and general manager, sales at Alaska Communications, and Alana Humphrey, CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs – Alaska, to present $1,500 scholarship checks to each of the heroes during a special recognition ceremony, thanking them for their community service efforts. Continue Reading

2 Seldovians Recognized in the Alaska Journal of Commerce, Summer Resident Keefer Brown and Seldovia’s City Manager Tim Dillon

| September 28, 2012 | 0 Comments

Alaska Communications and Boys & Girls–Clubs Alaska recognized six youth heroes as part of the 2012 Summer of Heroes program. Alaska Communications presented each hero with a $1,500 scholarship during Continue Reading

Alaska Communications Brings Customer Service to Seldovia

| January 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

ACS brings customer service to Seldovia

ACS brings customer service to Seldovia

Yesterday, Wednesday the 18th, Alaska Communications  arrived in Seldovia “en force”!   There are 8 staff in town with varying degrees of expertise to help Seldovians with all aspects of their Alaska Communications service.   From the network technicians who are going out on the road to perform upgrades, repairs and offer technical support (Greg and Dominic) to the customer service folks for your cell phones and internet questions (Tonya and Amy) , a Marketing Specialist (Caitlin McDiffet), the General Manager of The Southwest District (Randy Dobbs) Director of Marketing from Anchorage (Chris Reyburn) as well as  our own Seldovian – Chris Crosta who is the General Manager of Anchorage Operations are all here to make sure Seldovia gets the service and support we need!  (Not all the visiting ACS staff were pictured above)

ACS is available for questions and service
at the Sea Otter Community Center
THURSDAY from 9:00am-5:00pm
FRIDAY  from 9:00am to Noon.  

So, if you have questions regarding anything ACS, from your cell phone operations, technical support on internet or home phone line service, ACS is here Continue Reading