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Meet Alaska Marine Highway Port Captain, James Davison, and his oldest friend the MV Tustumena

| April 2, 2024 | 0 Comments

Meet Alaska Marine Highway Port Captain, James Davison, and his oldest friend the MV Tustumena, who is taking a break to freshen up for the summer season at JAG Shipyard in Seward. Tusty was born in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in 1964, the same year of the Great Alaskan Earthquake, and was named after a beautiful glacier.

???The trusted Tustumena is the smallest AMHS vessel with passenger cabins and is one of only two certified ocean class ferries in the Alaska Marine Highway System fleet. For comfort and safety, the ship is equipped with gyroscopic fin stabilizers to reduce rolling (it’s really cool you have no idea).

The MV Tustumena is 296 feet long and 59 feet wide, with a domestic gross tonnage of 2,174 and a service speed of 13.3 knots, just in case you were wondering.

???More info about Tusty here: https://dot.alaska.gov/amhs/fleet/tustumena.shtml

Photo: Kaitlin Williams AK DOT&PF

Kennicott Running Behind Schedule Due to Weather

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by Jenny Chissus
AMHS BannerAd 220x90UPDATE:  Received word from the Seldovia City office (thanks to Jen Giles) that the Kennicott is now approximately 12 hours behind schedule due to high winds and hazardous seas.

Please take note of the following changes to the upcoming arrival and departure times for Seldovia.  I have posted the departure and arrival times for Homer as well for your convenience.  The scheduled sailing for Monday, October 7th  has been pushed back to TUESDAY, October 8th arriving at 1:45 AM and departing at 3:00 AM.

The hope is that the Kennicott will be back on her regular schedule by the Saturday, October 12th sailing as follows.

Please take note, and be sure to contact the city office or AMHS main office to confirm your sailing date and reservations.  Obviously, we will be hoping to see the Tusty back in Seldovia as showing on this AMHS calendar below!

October AMHS 2013

Sparse Visits To Seldovia by AMHS in June

| May 3, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

IMG_6195OK, this is looking rather bleak for Seldovia. Just last week, we were looking at the schedule, and it appeared as though the Tustumena would make the return to service for the month of June – coming into our community a total of 8 times, in addition to serving Seldovia 3 times by the Kennicott, including service to Seldovia on the 4th of July!

The latest news, confirmed by looking at the calendar on the AMHS website (see below) is very disheartening for Seldovians and folks looking to come into Seldovia for a visit or summer returning residents of our community. With only two “middle of the night” sailings into Seldovia for the whole month of June – it is essential that you plan accordingly!  If you have a vehicle on the “wrong” side for your future plans – please be sure to make your reservations and plan ahead!


Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 1.22.47 PM

Rod Hilts is heading over to the town hall meeting in Homer tonight that is hosting Senator Peter Micciche sen.peter.micciche@akleg.gov and our Representative Paul Seaton rep.paul.seaton@akleg.gov to voice the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce’s concern with this lack of transportation service to our community for the month of June. With only three sailings in May – this has been a tough time for transportation this year to Seldovia.

In addition to moving the Chainsaw Carving Competition from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend (partly because of the lack of ferry service) we have two additional events this year that are going to be hard hit by this schedule change: The Summer Solstice Music Festival – since the beginning of the festival is always kicked off with a Jam Session on the Tusty in route to Seldovia on Thursday, and the 4th of July, as the Chamber has selected “Celebrating AMHS 50 years of service” and we won’t be seeing the AMHS in Seldovia for the 4th as was previously scheduled.

We are thankful for the great service of the Alaska Marine Highway to Seldovia – but we are hopeful that the “powers that be” can empathize with us regarding the negative impact on our community (and others) due to this serious lack of service for half of our summer season, and come up with some better alternatives with the Kennicott while the Tusty is in dry dock for repairs and maintenance.

Perhaps on the 14th and the 28th the Kennicott could stop into Seldovia on their way to Homer in the mornings?  Then stop by again on the way out of Homer on her way to Kodiak on the 15th and 29th?  That way, folks could schedule some turn around times… just a thought!

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 1.39.15 PM

If you have any further comments or thoughts, great ideas, etc., please feel free to contact Kerri Traudt, the Vessel Schedule Coordinator for the Alaska Marine Highway System.

907-228-7253 telephone

907-228-1513 fax


AMHS Winter Ferry Schedule News

| November 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

by City of Seldovia, photo by Jenny Chissus

Why Bring Your Internet Business and Family to Seldovia?

| September 26, 2012 | 2 Comments

by Seldovia Chamber of Commerce

At the end of the highway and across the Kachemak Bay, lives a small First Class City, with a big heart.  Seldovia, Alaska nestles between two bays and the mountains, providing postcard views at every turn.  The beauty of the setting is only matched by the spirit of our little city.  One hundred and twenty families live in this secluded, quiet, unspoiled paradise.  Our websites provide photos, information, and web cams to allow you to see for yourself what this community has to offer. (www.seldovia.com)  (www.seldoviachamber.org)  (www.seldoviahomeinternetbusiness.com)

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Coming To Seldovia?

| June 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

The weather is warming, school is out, and the Kings are in!  I received an email from a reader that wanted to have quick access to the ways to get to Seldovia – so here they are!  (You can always go to Seldovia.com and click on Transportation to find this information as well!)

If you are planning a trip to Seldovia there are a myriad of ways to come to enjoy the beauty of of our community – take a peek at the following websites for their information and schedules!  We look forward to seeing you on this side of Kachemak Bay!

Flight Services from Homer into Seldovia:
Homer Air – 907-235-8591
Smokey Bay Air – 907-235-1511

Ferries from Homer into Seldovia:
Alaska Marine Highway – 907-234-7868 (Seldovia City Office) 800-642-0066
Central Charters – M/V Discovery – 907-235-7847
Rainbow Tours – M/V Rainbow Connection – 907-235-7272
Seldovia Bay Ferry – M/V Kachemak Voyager – 907-435-3299/877-703-3779

Water Taxis to Jakolof Bay (10 miles north of Seldovia):
Mako’s Water Taxi – 907-235-9055
Red Mountain Marine – 907-399-8032