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An internship with the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve

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Kenai Peninsula and Kachemak Bay Recreational Clam Harvest Results for May 2013

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by Michael Opheim

SVTBannerThe Kachemak Bay Research Reserve (KBRR) in cooperation with staff from the Ninilchik Traditional Council, Port Graham Village Council, NOAA Kasitsna Bay Laboratory, Jakolof Bay Oyster Company, Homer Fish and Game Sport Fish Division staff, have been doing a shellfish monitoring program for beaches on the Kenai Peninsula and Kachemak Bay.

The KBRR just received the May sampling of recreationally harvested shellfish on the Southern Kenai Peninsula. The collections occurred over the time period of May 10 – 27, 2013.

This year Clam Gulch was added to the monitored beaches for razor clams (north and south of the access road), blue mussel monitoring in Jakolof Bay was added, while blue mussels in Bear Cove was discontinued due to a lack of adequate numbers of specimens for collection. We hope these changes to the monitoring program will provide valuable information to recreational harvesters about the status of PSP toxins in Kenai Peninsula shellfish.

All shellfish must have less than 80 ug (micrograms) of paralytic shellfish toxin/100g of tissue to be considered safe for human consumption.

May results for Paralytic Shellfish Toxins (PST) are as follows:

Clam Gulch – South beach, razor clams less than 10.0 ug/100g (Date collected: 5.27.2013)

Clam Gulch – North beach, razor clams less than 5.0ug/100g (Date collected: 5/11/2013)

Ninilchik – North beach, results yet to be determined.

Ninilchik – South beach, razor clams less than 10.0ug/100g (Date collected: 5/10/2013)

Port Graham Bay, horse clams less than 10.0 ug/100g (Date collected: 5/26/2013)

Jakolof Bay, butter clams 11.5ug/100g (Date collected: 5/24/2013)

Jakolof Bay little neck clams – insufficient number of harvestable clams could be located during this monitoring event.

Jakolof Bay blue mussels, less than 10.0ug/100g (Date collected: 5/27/2013)

China Poot Bay butter clams 8.38 ug/100g PSP (Date collected: 5/26/2013)

Homer Spit blue mussels less than 10 ug/100g PSP (Date collected: 5/25/2013)

Bear Cove, little neck clams less than 34ug/100g (Date collected: 5/23/2013)

This program is not sufficient to certify beaches as “safe” or completely ensure harvester safety from paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP). All samples tested during this monitoring effort showed levels well below the 80ug/100g threshold. These results reflect only that Paralytic Shellfish Toxin levels found in samples taken during the monitoring period were safe.

Kachemak Bay Water Trail To Hold Open House in Seldovia

| November 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Sandy Murray

The Kachemak Bay Water Trail will Host an Open House on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 in the City Multipurpose Room from 10 am to Noon and from 1 pm to 3 pm.   Drop in and help us locate good stopping sites along the water trail, especially in and near Seldovia. Continue Reading

Why Bring Your Internet Business and Family to Seldovia?

| September 26, 2012 | 2 Comments

by Seldovia Chamber of Commerce

At the end of the highway and across the Kachemak Bay, lives a small First Class City, with a big heart.  Seldovia, Alaska nestles between two bays and the mountains, providing postcard views at every turn.  The beauty of the setting is only matched by the spirit of our little city.  One hundred and twenty families live in this secluded, quiet, unspoiled paradise.  Our websites provide photos, information, and web cams to allow you to see for yourself what this community has to offer. (www.seldovia.com)  (www.seldoviachamber.org)  (www.seldoviahomeinternetbusiness.com)

Continue Reading

Coming To Seldovia?

| June 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

The weather is warming, school is out, and the Kings are in!  I received an email from a reader that wanted to have quick access to the ways to get to Seldovia – so here they are!  (You can always go to Seldovia.com and click on Transportation to find this information as well!)

If you are planning a trip to Seldovia there are a myriad of ways to come to enjoy the beauty of of our community – take a peek at the following websites for their information and schedules!  We look forward to seeing you on this side of Kachemak Bay!

Flight Services from Homer into Seldovia:
Homer Air – 907-235-8591
Smokey Bay Air – 907-235-1511

Ferries from Homer into Seldovia:
Alaska Marine Highway – 907-234-7868 (Seldovia City Office) 800-642-0066
Central Charters – M/V Discovery – 907-235-7847
Rainbow Tours – M/V Rainbow Connection – 907-235-7272
Seldovia Bay Ferry – M/V Kachemak Voyager – 907-435-3299/877-703-3779

Water Taxis to Jakolof Bay (10 miles north of Seldovia):
Mako’s Water Taxi – 907-235-9055
Red Mountain Marine – 907-399-8032

4th Annual Human-Powered Fishing Derby – A Great Success!

| June 4, 2012 | 3 Comments

by Tim Dillon

The 4th annual Human- Powered Fishing Derby was held in Seldovia last weekend over the Memorial Day holiday. It was a great success with 32 boats registered carrying 39 anglers.  The weather was very cooperative with a few drizzles on Saturday, and then sunshine and fair weather prevailed on Sunday long enough to make it through the fish fry without getting wet.

When I first initiated this derby, my goal was to get local folks turning their engines off for a day or two, dragging their rowboats and kayaks out of the shed and launching them for a some quiet fishing and enjoying the bay right in our backyard. If this year is any indication, that goal was reached and surpassed. We saw both young and old Seldovian’s join in and cast their luck from a wide variety of vessels. Next time you see young three-year-old Duna or perhaps Nancy Opheim, ask them how they enjoyed their first derby. The whole mouth of Seldovia Bay and into Kachemak Bay was spotted with human-powered craft. It was a great sight.

This year’s grand prize was won by local Kirby Corwin. We have gotten away from the big fish big prize syndrome, and Kirby’s name was pulled from a hat Continue Reading