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Ode to Seldovia

Ode to Seldovia

| August 1, 2014 | 0 Comments
AdamSmithHello Jenny,
I am enjoying your site, only unfortunately found it AFTER my recent visit to Seldovia.  My wife, our friend and myself enjoyed our visit very much and cannot wait to return, knowing that next time we’ll allow for much more time than just one night.
As typically happens after we visit Alaska (5 trips thus far), I’m inspired by the places I visit and people I meet and I found Seldovia to be the best of both.  Therefore, I humbly share the following poem, thusly inspired, entitled “Ode to Seldovia”, written as my personal thank you to those who make Seldovia what it is to visitors such as myself.
Adam Francis Smith

Uniquely civilized;

unseated in City or Wild,

a taupe and topaz pearl;

Seldovia glimmers.


A dim and sea-worn jewel

held safe in a jagged coast’s embrace,

exposed to more heart than hazard,

a rare (even here), unspoiled gem.


Near to the heart,

and dear to the art

of living in familial isolation,

her people seem to match her mood,

become her makeup, blood and brood.


Short or long, her days amaze.

(if Peace could ever be said to move…)


The calls of birds and boats abound,


like her morning breath of gray.

Yet at this time there’s but one sound-

an angel’s exclamation-

that echoes echoes echoes soft upon the bay.


Though Sun in time will find its way

to warm the land where Seldovians play,

escorting traveler’s for “just the day,”

knowing most who visit are wont to want to stay.

by Adam Francis Smith of Elburn, Illinois