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Thank you from the Seldovia Fire and EMS

| August 12, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Bobbi Sweatt

Seldovia Fire and EMS Departments wishes to thank everyone who helped us make the 4 wheeler raffle and the pancake breakfast a success.  Thank you to all of you who helped us set up, loaned us STUFF, cooked the food, ran to the store for more STUFF, and those who did all the other things that were needed.  A thanks also to those who showed up to help and may not have had the opportunity this year to do that.  Never fear, there is always next year.
Thank you also, to all of you that walked the bar, the street and anywhere else at nite and during the day, bugged friends and family, did us a favor at your business,  sat at the table near the harbor and sold to the poor people who passed by and did not want to be rude, those pesky 4 WHEELER tickets!

Congratulations to our raffle winner, Teri Hall, pictured above with her son and her brand new 4 wheeler!

Congrats to Sharon Bond for winning the incentive for most tickets sold.  She won $150 and 2 round trip tickets to Homer, donated by Homer Air and Smokey Bay Air.

The department met its goal with the raffle, raising the monies needed to meet our part of grant money that has been approved to purchase a new LifePak for the ambulance.  This equipment will greatly benefit the whole community when there is a medical emergency.  The monies raised from the pancake breakfast will go towards equipment and the daily operations of the fire department.

Again a grateful thanks to all of you,

Seldovia Fire and EMS Departments