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City of Seldovia Planning Commission Vacancy

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SOCC – Homeschool Share

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SBE – May 2024 Menu

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SBE – Booster Club Meeting

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Seldovia’s Vendor Village Pop-up

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I would like to invite you to join me in revolutionizing Seldovia’s Market. As you probably know, the Farmer’s Market contract ended. Did you know that the Vendor Village Pop-up is taking its place?

The Vendor Village Pop-up is a time for folks to gather and enjoy the best of Seldovia. Games of all types to play, music to listen to, booths to buy from, information tables to learn at, food to chow and drinks to sip are what you can expect! Located in and around the Sea Otter Community Center, you won’t want to miss all that we have to offer.

Please join me in making this grand! Come with your vendor booth, your info table, or your friends and family. We are happy to have you as you are. You do not need a business license to vend*! This series is designed to cater to small vendors, folks just starting out, and those that do not operate regularly, as well as Fundraising tables and information booths. This is a zero-commitment model. If you come, I will be thrilled, and if you don’t, no worries. Some dates on the calendar are indicating a good week for a market, with the final date being determined by weather. Vendor Village Pop-up Market does not have a fee, and there are no requirements. Events hosted by other organizations, such as the Arts Council’s Summer Solstice Music Festival, will have fees and other rules per the organization; I have only included the dates here for convenience and to make it easy to calculate where you fall on the 14-day-rule.

*Please see the info packet for guidelines about business license requirements.

Call or reply with questions or concerns! I’ll reach out again with more details for our launch, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 11th. This day will have the theme of Mother’s Day Gifts and an emphasis on community-org fundraising.





City of Seldovia is hiring for a Public Works Operator (full-time) and a Harbor Assistant (seasonal)

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