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Meet the New Owners of Seldovia’s Boardwalk Hotel

| December 23, 2013

by Jenny Chissus

I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new family to you!  The Campbells have purchased the Seldovia Boardwalk Hotel, and they are going full-out to make this hotel “The place to be” in Seldovia!  Enjoy this interview, and when you see the family about town – please extend a warm welcome!  It is so exciting to see another business in Seldovia!

DSC_0280Gazette:  First – we would all like to welcome you to Seldovia!  I’ve heard from a number of folks about how great it is to see some activity at the hotel – lights on, and people coming and going and the anticipation of a grand opening in the Spring!  Can you introduce yourselves, who you are, where you currently live?

Jeremiah: Thanks Jenny.  We are Jeremiah and Angela Campbell.  We both grew up, and lived most of our lives in Seward.  We moved up to Eagle River about two years ago due to my job.

Gazette:  What is your business experience, and why did you decide to take on a hotel in Seldovia?

Jeremiah:  We have been involved in a number of businesses over the last 20 years.  Some things we have enjoyed and others not so much.  We were partners in a custom seafood processing and fish smoking business back in the early 90’s.  We also opened a small seafood fish & chips restaurant as a compliment to the seafood Continue Reading