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Meet Aidana Omar – One of Seldovia’s Exchange Students

Meet Aidana Omar – One of Seldovia’s Exchange Students

| April 5, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

Aidana Omar

Aidana Omar

Living in a small town, we immediately notice all the new faces, and this beautiful, smart, cheerful and friendly one, came to us all the way from Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan!  Aidana was placed with Shad and Tiffany Haller, along with another exchange student, Souleymane Sidibi from Mali for the 2013-2014 school year.

Aidana is an exchange student with the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) for Russian and Asian students.  Aidana mentioned that with over 8,000 applicants, only about 700 students were accepted for the program in 2013-2014.

The FLEX Program (Future Leaders Exchange) is funded by Congress under the FREEDOM Support Act and administered by the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The program’s goal is to provide an opportunity for high school students from Eurasia* to experience life in a democratic society in order to promote democratic values and institutions in Eurasia.

FLEX students live with host families, attend school, engage in activities to learn about American society and values and help educate Americans about their countries and cultures. The program places special emphasis on leadership skills and seeks ways for participants to develop these skills during the school year. Upon their return home, students will apply their leadership skills at home and become involved in a well-established FLEX alumni network. Find out more about the FLEX alumni network and program at exchanges.state.gov/youth/programs/flex.html. – taken from the FLEX site


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Gazette:  Did you have a difficult time getting accepted into this program?
Aidana:  I applied as a Freshman and as a Sophomore, but didn’t make it to the final round of interviews until this year.  It is very competitive.  I am very lucky and honored to be a part of such a great program.

Gazette:  When did you know you were coming to Seldovia, Alaska and that you Continue Reading