Please Bring Your Quality Winter Gear to the Swap!

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by Damara Burnett

Community Signs Discussions to be held November 27

| November 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Tim Dillon, Dillon & Dillon

To everyone in the community:

I am holding a community meeting on Wednesday, November 27 from Noon to One, in the Sea Otter Community Center to discuss SIGNS.

This discussion will be one of two community discussions I will sponsor over the next three weeks. We as a community need to prioritize where signs are needed, what types of signs they should be and what they should say. As a starting point I indicated on the Byways grant that we will have signs at the OtterBahn, Rocky Ridge Trail and in the new Gateway Pavilion to be built on the harbor front.

These signs will be interpretive and informational. They will be fairly large and are required per the grant award. In addition to these signs we need to prioritize directional signage through the community to assist visitors. We have all seen tourists standing here or there with maps in their hands wondering which way to go. We need to address this issue for sure.

Please show up and help out.

Tim, Ila & Amelia Dillon

Gear up for the SRSA Annual Outdoor Gear Swap!

| November 9, 2013 | 0 Comments

by Damara Burnett

In anticipation of the winter season, the SRSA will be collecting quality, used outdoor gear to be resold at our annual gear swap. This is a great opportunity to sell outdoor recreation items you no longer use . . . . and perhaps pick up something you’ve always wanted! Clean out your closets and pass around some quality outdoor gear to other Seldovians. Winter recreation items will be in high demand (skis, snowboards, skates, boots, coats, sleds) but other items, like camping and fishing gear, are always quickly snagged up!


How does the swap work? Sellers drop off their gear at the Sea Otter Community Center BEFORE the swap, naming their price on each item. Volunteers take care of the rest. Money and unsold gear can be picked up after 3pm on the day of the swap. (Sellers can choose to keep their profits or donate to the SRSA.)

Two dates to drop off gear: Saturday, November 23rd & 30th from 11-4

Annual Outdoor Gear Swap: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7th @ 11:00 am

A chili and cornbread lunch will also be available at the Swap, with all proceeds to benefit Craig Barnard’s Learn-to-Ski program for kids. (SNACKS!!)


HEA Hosts Annual Community Meeting

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by Joe Gallagher
HEA Community Meeting Flyer

SOCC September Calendar

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by Damara Burnett

High Tunnel Information

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