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Friday Concerts About Town

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2015 Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival Program of Events

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by Margie McCord 

2015_SolsticePosterJoin us for the 14th annual Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival, held in a most beautiful setting where the eagles awaken you to another day to enjoy the snow-topped mountains as a backdrop. The blue, blue ocean bids you to watch for playful otters, and the sounds and scents coming from the shops and attractions ask you to explore the many nooks and crannies of our special town! Our walking map actually has listed over 101 things to do in Seldovia, so get going with the exciting Summer Solstice Music Festival always held over the longest weekend of the year! 

This year we are so pleased to present  as headliners for the Festival, the very innovative Inuit band Pamyua that has entertained all over Alaska and the world with their drum songs of native traditional music mixed with a fusion of Yupik dance. You will be amazed!

Adding to our first time in Seldovia headliners will be a great variety and mix of new-to-Seldovia artists as well as a reunion of past favorites we just haven’t heard enough of, including a poet! In addition, the 2nd annual “En Plein Air” event, featuring artists from around Alaska capturing the beauty of Seldovia scapes, will take place. A silent auction of their work will be held Sunday morning.

Thursday, June 18 

The festivities begin with the performers boarding the Seldovia Bay Ferry in Homer at 11:00 am for an hour ride of greeting and mixing it up with a jam session of favorite tunes to get everyone warmed up and in the spirit.  Any festival attendees are welcome to ride for a sneak preview of what’s to come and to enjoy the breathtaking view! 

The performers will be greeted by the Seldovia Arts Council members and host families who will take them to their housing before the fun begins! There will be time to stroll around to find the school and to check out the town before the “Meet and Greet” held at the Linwood Bar and Grill starting at 5:30 pm where you can catch an early dinner before attending the very popular OPEN MIC’ at the Susan B. English School with sign-ups at 7:30 pm and a start time of 8 pm. This is for the community members, visitors, or performers who would like to share a song, poem, story, or tune. This is always a fun, often a surprising opportunity to have a moment of stardom!

Friday, June 19

This year we are giving the community and visitors an opportunity to hear short “Samplers” from the performers of what’s to come at the Friday and Saturday evening concerts! There will be several places throughout town that will host the performers during the day; depending on the weather, they may find themselves on a sunny deck or playing in our new harbor pavilion! At noon be sure to drop by the Seldovia Village Tribe (a major Festival sponsor) at the Alaska Tribal Cache Building for the Tribe’s Annual Picnic and a chance to hear Pamyua play. 

Expect an intermission so you can scoop up a CD of your favorite performer(s), and visit the  commons for a delicious dessert and support the Children’s Fine Arts Camp!



Saturday, June 20

Saturday always peps up our day with the popular YOGA hour (8:30 am) at the Seldovia Sea Otter Community Center followed by the favorite SONG CIRCLE at the Boardwalk Hotel deck (or tent) at 10:00 am with our musicians jamming and sharing tunes over lattes and/or breakfast. This is a lot of fun and all are welcome.

Saturday afternoon (1 -4 pm) is a favorite with the performers holding workshops for kids as well as the community and visitors. There will be several choices offered each hour including many “how-to” compose, teach, play, tune, drum or sing.  Pick and choose whatever looks fun and see how the artists inspire the love of their talents. In between all the happenings, there will be a chance to browse the shops, watch the boats come and go, or take a short walk or hike to our beaches or along the Otterbahn Trail which begins  next to the school. Don’t forget to periodically check out how our visiting artists with “En Plein Air” are doing creating their masterpieces throughout the town!



Sunday, June 21

Sunday brings to a close a very busy weekend but not before you get to view the work of our En Plen Air artists and then attend the very popular GOSPEL SING. We will end the fine arts portion of the celebration with an En Plen Air silent auction on Sunday, June 21st starting at 11:30 am until 1:30 pm with snacks and coffee available. The public viewing space at Seldovia’s new pavilion, located adjacent to the boat harbor, will be the place where all can view each artist’s work and where the auction will take place. The Gospel Sing will begin at 2:00 pm (location to be announced); bring your own instrument and/or voice to join along with the festival performers and the community. Song books will be provided. 

There is just enough time left to grab your personal belongings and an ice cream cone before saying good-bye to new and old friends and a memorable weekend of fun, song, and fond memories from a very special place by the sea! The Seldovia Bay Ferry departs at 4:30 pm. Thanks for coming and see you next year!!!

The entire festival passes are: adults $49, teens $16, and kids under 12 Free. Single night performances are: adults $25 and teens $8. Early bird festival passes (adults $39 and teens $15) are available locally at Thyme on the Boardwalk and Linwood Bar and Grill until 5 pm Wednesday, June 17th .

To read more about all the artists performing at this year’s festival – please visit the Arts Council’s site!

“En Plein Air” Weekend Event and Auction

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En Plein AirThe Seldovia Arts Council wishes to invite “En Plein Air” artists to discover our gorgeous corner of Alaska. We would love to have artists of every talent, both hobbyists and professionals, join the fine arts portion of our Solstice celebrations which will occur June 19th – June 22nd, 2014.

This is our 13th annual Summer Solstice Music Festival starting with musicians performing aboard the MV Tustumena Ferry during the trip from Homer to Seldovia on Thursday, June 19th. The Seldovia Arts Council sponsors workshops during the days of Friday, June 20th, and Saturday, June 21st with wonderful evening performances to follow on each of those dates.   When the participating painters are not busy creating their own works of art, they can come enjoy the music.

“En Plein Air” artists will be surprised and inspired at every turn in and around Seldovia.   Our sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, whether viewed across the bay, over the surrounding mountains, or from the beaches. There are fascinating vistas of the small boat harbor, the old boardwalk, the bridge and slough, Main Street, and Inside and Outside Beaches, all within easy walking distance. Locations for joyful work are endless.

All artists are asked to bring their own supplies and easels.

There will be a brief welcoming meeting between 9:00AM and 9:30AM on Friday June 20th with maps available of town and surrounds for your assistance. We will end with a silent auction on Sunday, June 22nd starting at 11:00AM -12:45PM with Susan Mumma officiating. Snacks and coffee will be available. The public viewing space at Central Park, located in the heart of town, will be where all can view the artist’s work and where the auction will take place.   In preparation for the auction each artist will be provided a numbered page on which to place the title of their work and the artist’s required minimum bid.

We hope that all artists will consider this invitation to be open, not only Solstice weekend, but all through the summer. The natural beauty will remain the same, and artists will be able to sell their work as they see fit.

Seldovia has a nice RV park and beautiful camping sites on Outside Beach, each with lavatory facilities.

For your planning and comfort, the following is information regarding lodging and availability of food:

Lodging:  www.SeldoviaChamber.org or Seldovia.com/stay/lodging

Restaurants and Groceries:  Seldovia.com/to-do/restaurants-and-groceries/

Phenomenal Workshops at the Solstice Music Festival

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by Seldovia Arts Council
Solstice Festival Workshops Flyer 2014


Summer Solstice Music Festival – Just a Month Away!

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by Tania Spurkland
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Summer Solstice Music Festival Thursday Schedule

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by The Seldovia Arts Council