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| May 26, 2012 | 2 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

This Memorial Day weekend, we have three very talented carvers creating beautiful masterpieces from our rugged local spruce!

This is the 7th Annual Chainsaw event in Seldovia!  We are blessed to have over 35 masterpieces about town for our community’s enjoyment!  Many folks have made trips specifically to Seldovia to visit these creative works of art!  Seldovia has become an “Outdoor museum” of sorts – with no admission – just the effort of getting across the bay.

You may Click Here or click on the poster at the top left to see “Where they are now?”  which shows you the locations of all the carvings created in Seldovia since 2006.

This year, we are doing something a little bit different.

Every year, up until now, the Seldovia Chamber of Commerce had an agreement to retain the masterpiece carvings here in the city of Seldovia.  Only one carving has ever “left town” and that was Ben Firth’s eagle, that was placed in Anchorage last year  at the Dimond Center Hotel – which is owned by the Seldovia Native Association.

This year – the carvers are free to sell their masterpiece carvings, at a price they determine!  They also have the option to take it home with them, place in their studio, outside their front door, or give to their grandmother!  The choice is theirs!  Who knows, maybe they will donate it back to Seldovia?

So, if you see one of these incredible carvings, and you must have it for yourself… the time is now!  This is the first, and perhaps the last opportunity to purchase a carving created here at our Chainsaw Carving event!

So, come on down to the carving site and see the magic performed before your very eyes, and know that you may (if the price is right) take a giant masterpiece carving home with you!  The price and deal will be made directly with the carver  – and first come, first served – as the carvers are not obligated to wait until Sunday to sell their carvings if they have a buyer.  However, even if it is sold early, all masterpiece carvings must remain at the exhibition site, and be completely finished by 1:00pm on Sunday to be presented for the People’s Choice judging.  We hope to see you there at 1:00pm to view the final results and vote on your favorite!

There will also be two Quick Carve events on Saturday, one at 11am and the other at 7pm.  This is an opportunity for the carvers to create a small and quick carving for immediate sale and in a budget range that allows visitors and spectators to take it home in a plane or on the ferry!  Stop by to watch the Quick Carve events tomorrow!

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  1. SeldoviaGal says:

    Thanks Stew! So glad you enjoyed the event from afar – keep a lookout as I’m putting together the final photos and story here shortly! We appreciate you keeping abreast of our Seldovia activity!! Happy Summer!

  2. Stew Winterson SeaTow Palm Beach... Florida says:

    GREAT writing and carving event.. i love the new rules that allow the artists to sell or keep or donate their carvings.. Nicely done folks!!! Again, Seldovia does it right!!!! just beautiful to see and read this paper.. and ur slide show of the event is perrrrrfect!!!

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