Meet Seldovia’s New School Principal Alan Haskins and his Wife, Laura

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by Jenny Chissus

AlanLauraHaskinsOur new principal Alan Haskins and his wife Laura, are excited about coming to Seldovia and working with our community and students.  Alan plans on moving to Seldovia in July to familiarize himself with our school and meet with the community in preparation for the 2014-2015 school year.  Laura will join him in Seldovia as soon as she gets their daughter off to the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.   They will be making an initial quick trip to Seldovia in June to celebrate Laura’s birthday and meet folks.  But until then, here’s a quick introduction to our new Principal/Teacher for Susan B English School and his wife, Laura!
Gazette:  What was your favorite part about Unalaska?  Both the teaching/coaching/admin part – and the lifestyle?
The Haskins:  Our favorite part of Unalaska has been the laid back lifestyle!  There’s no commute, and no rush!  People stop to talk to you at the grocery store and wave when they drive by.  It’s been a wonderful place to raise our kids and,despite the remoteness (or maybe because of it), they have experienced some incredible opportunities.
Gazette:  Why are you ready to leave after 15 years?
The Haskins:  We are ready for a new adventure!  Our kids have all graduated, and this is a good time for us to try something new.  Alan is excited to get into administration and Laura just loves change (she often rearranges the living room furniture just to spice things up!)
Gazette:  Why Seldovia – and Susan B English?
The Haskins:  Seldovia has been on our minds for the past 15 years!  After the first basketball trip there in 1999, Alan came home and said,  “You’ve got to see this beautiful place!”  He was impressed, not only with the scenery, but with the friendly community as well.  When the position came open this year, it was at the top of our list!
Gazette:  What roles did Laura play in Unalaska?  Is she looking to be involved in the school at SBE?
The Haskins:  I have been a substitute teacher, elementary school secretary, and school librarian here at Unalaska and I love being involved in the school!  I have no expectations about what I might find to do in Seldovia but am very open to any new possibility that might present itself.
Gazette:  What do you both like doing, when NOT in school?
The Haskins:  Laura has too many hobbies and interests and not enough time to master any of them.  Mainly, she likes to keep her hands busy (knitting and pottery) and her mind sharp (reading and writing).  She also loves music (playing and singing) and has been involved in all things musical including the local folk/rock band.  Alan is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys hiking, hunting and fishing.  He also loves woodworking and photography.  We both learned to kayak on the Bering Sea and are looking forward to exploring Seldovia’s waters.
Gazette:  What are you most looking forward to about the move to Seldovia?  And Susan B English?
The Haskins:  We are most looking forward to meeting the people of Seldovia and building new relationships.  Alan is also excited that, although he is moving into administration, he will still be able to offer a shop class or two to the students of SBE as well as offering community courses.
Gazette:  What have you learned about our school and community that intrigues you?  Things you are looking forward to?  Things that may be a challenge for you?
The Haskins:  We are especially intrigued that even though Susan B English is a small school, the staff provides a quality education with high expectations for the students.  The challenge as principal will be to meet the needs of the community and at the same time, meet the expectations of the district as well as the mandates of the state.
Gazette:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
The Haskins:  Laura and I like to take one day at a time, but in 5 years we can definitely see ourselves in Seldovia, after all, when I first told Laura about the community, I suggested it would be a great place to retire… who knows!
Gazette:  Tell us a little bit about your family.
The Haskins:  Alan and I have 3 great kids.  Our oldest, Kyle, is 22 and a police officer here in Unalaska.  Ryan is 20 and lives in Arizona where he is working toward his commercial pilot’s license.  Our daughter Charity is 18 and graduates in May.  She will be attending UAF as she works toward her elementary teaching degree.

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