Post Office Flagpole to be Replaced

| February 2, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

POFlagpole1The current flagpole at our Seldovia Post Office is a telescoping pole, divided in three sections, and these sections have become “loose” and therefore the entire pole needs to be replaced, as it could be considered dangerous.

Our Post Mistress, Rose, has not been raising the flag lately as to not add any extra stress to the pole, with the high winds of winter!

The Seldovia Post Office flagpole was taken down today with the help of Sonny Chissus and Jim Hopkins.  Boy, they made the job look easy – the 40+ foot pole came down easily and quietly to rest gently on the ground!  Nice work gentlemen!

POFlagpole1.5I spoke with the owners of the Post Office building, Dick and Sammie Reason and they definitely have plans to replace the pole.  Their preference is to find a single unit (rather than telescoping) and are making sure that it will be rated for the high winds, salty sea air and cold temperatures that we experience in Seldovia.

POFlagpole2Due to wind restrictions, cost and transportation issues to Seldovia, there is a chance that the new pole may be a bit shorter than the current flagpole in order to insure its stability and longevity.   Installing a new pole at this time of year (pouring new cement and working with the frozen ground) may be a challenge!  The bottom part of the pole was left in place, as it may be usable for the replacement.

The owners wanted to let the community know that they are pursuing the replacement in as timely manner as possible – within these limitations.  We will certainly keep you posted!

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