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Roger William Bolton

| December 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

Submitted by Legacy Funeral Homes

Roger BoltonRoger William Bolton, 82, passed away peacefully at the home of his daughter, surrounded by three generations of his family and his faithful companion, Cindy Dog, on December 15th, 2018. Formal services will not be held. Family and close friends will gather on the beach near “his little piece of heaven” and spread his ashes next summer.

Roger was born to Willie O Bolton and Electa O Sparks, on June 1, 1936 in Weed, California. He married Marcia D Powers on May 25, 1957 and together they raised four children. Although later they divorced, they remained very close friends. On February 14th, 1993 He married Betty Lichtner and had twenty-two happy years together until her passing in 2015.

Roger proudly served in the U.S. Navy from 1956 to 1960, he retired from the Federal Government as a Computer Programmer in 1994. Since retirement he enjoyed life to his fullest with all generations of his family and friends at his home in Homer, and his cabin at MacDonald Spit. He was a self-taught hard worker and was willing to work beside you as he taught you how to get the job done.

Roger was a strong, yet humble man, who had great pride in his family. He passed on in the same way he lived his life, surrounded by the deep love of his family members. He is survived by his four children and their spouses; Willie K Bolton (Sarah) of Lexington Park, Maryland, Thomas E Bolton (Lorrie) of Coolidge, Georgia, M Louise Franklin (Biff) of Palmer, Alaska, Valeta D Bolton (Blake) of Riverton, Utah and his 1st wife, Marcia D Bolton of Palmer, Alaska. He had twelve grandchildren; Daniel, Nancy, Kristy, Janell, Stephanie, Jennifer, Julianne, Miranda, Samantha, Michael, Jessica and Aaron, and 14 great grandchildren, and his dog Cindy Girl. He is also survived by his sister Eunice, and first cousin Velva. Roger was preceded in death by his parents, two sisters and his wife, Betty. His family requests that in Lieu of flowers donations be made to Ancora Home Health and Hospice whom he was very graciously cared for in his last months. Final arrangements are being made by Wasilla Heritage Chapel.

Sweet & Savory Contest was a Delight!

| August 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

Salmonberry flier 2018

Event Flier

In spite of the blustery and rainy weather, the evening was a huge success!  Thanks to Jeremiah and Angela at the Boardwalk Hotel who in addition to hosting this fun event, entertained us with great music from Keeley, Nelson and Kelsey all evening!

We had delicious entries in the competition, this year in both Sweet and Savory categories as well as a People’s Choice category!


Savory …

First, let’s talk about the SAVORY entries!  It was so interesting as this category truly opened the door to some exciting and unexpected entries!  We love to challenge our Seldovia chefs!

In the Savory category, we had fried chicken wings in a crystalized ginger salmonberry sauce, steak and sausage bites with BBQ salmonberry dipping sauces, caramelized onion and salmonberry cream cheese spread, salmonberry wine and even a salmonberry relish!

Thanks to Marcia, Liane, Ginny, Chris, Karen and MaryJo, we had some amazing entries in the new category this year!


In the SWEET category, we had a wide variety of treats as well!  From fresh salmonberry pie, salmonberry cream cheesecake, salmonberry zinger cake, salmonberry jello cheesecake, salmonberry glazed cheesecake, salmonberry kookaberry cake, salmonberry mascarpone shortcake, salmonberry cupcake bites to another salmonberry ice cream!

People’s Choice…

We  had another fun category this year, based on last year’s success of sharing the remaining entries with the crowd!  So after each sampling was taken by the judges, then the remainder went to our tasting table – where the spectators at the event could sample the treats!   Everyone at the event had a ticket and were given the opportunity to pick ONE favorite!  It was interesting as 71% of the votes were cast for entries in the SWEET category!  And, in the end all three PEOPLES CHOICE winners were in the Sweet category!

And our 3 Judges…

Angela Peggy and Melissa - Our 2018 JudgesWe want to acknowledge and thank our three judges this year!  All three were winners in last year’s competition!  Angela Campbell who owns, operates and cooks at the Boardwalk Hotel Pub and Grill, Melissa Pederson who owns, operates and cooks at the Harbor Inn Coffee & Gifts and Peggy Cloninger who has retired from almost 30 years running a successful fishing charter and B&B here in Seldovia!

All three of these ladies are amazing cooks who have owned and cooked in restaurants and B&Bs, so they understand the importance of tasty dishes and presentation!

Peggy actually wasn’t able to participate last year as she was headed out of town, so she gave her recipe to Jen Swick, who brought home 1st place last year making & submitting Peggy’s delicious Salmonberry Ice Cream!  Crazy – that this year’s winner was also an ice cream!

Thank You … Thank You … Thank You

Awesome Glass Etching by Ecola Collier

Awesome Glass Etching by Ecola Collier

Thank you to all the participants who submitted their delicious treats!  Obviously, there would be no competition without you!

In addition to thanking again the Boardwalk Hotel Pub and Grill and the entire staff who ran and ran all night to keep food and drinks coming, during the music and the competition, I also want to thank Bovey Trophies for a fantastic job on the ribbon awards!   They always do a great job, quickly and at a great price!

Thank you to Alaska Air Taxi who made sure that the awards made it down to Seldovia, and Jeremiah Campbell who packed them in his suitcase!

I also want to acknowledge Ecola Collier who did a fantastic job with the etching on the award jars, creating the artwork and  etching the glass so beautifully!

Thanks to Seldovia Property, who sponsored awards, commissioned artwork and planned and organized the event.


Savory Winners!

Liane - Savory 1st Place

Liane – Savory 1st Place Steak & Sausage Bites with Salmonberry BBQ Dipping Sauces



Marcia – Savory 2nd Place Marcia’s Salmonberry Juice (wine)



MaryJo – Savory 3rd Place Salmonberry Relish

 Sweet Winners!

Jinnifer - Sweet 1st Place Salmonberry Lemon curd Ice cream

Jinnifer – Sweet 1st Place Salmonberry Lemon curd Ice cream

Liane - Sweet 2nd Place Salmonberry Mascarpone Shortcake

Liane – Sweet 2nd Place Salmonberry Mascarpone Shortcake

Rebecca - Sweet 3rd Place Salmonberry flavored Cupcake Bites

Rebecca – Sweet 3rd Place Salmonberry flavored Cupcake Bites

People’s Choice Winners!

Elaine - 1st Place - People's Choice

Elaine – 1st Place – People’s Choice Salmonberry Kookaberry Cake

Erin - 2nd Place - People's Choice

Erin – 2nd Place – People’s Choice Fresh Salmonberry Pie

Jinnifer - 3rd Place - People's Choice

Jinnifer – 3rd Place – People’s Choice Salmonberry Lemon curd Ice cream


2018 Salmonberry Contest, Recap of 2017 event & Interview with our 2017 Guest Celebrity Judge Kirsten Dixon!

| July 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

SalmonberryDelightsContestLOGO2018There are quite a few things that come to mind when you think of summer in Seldovia, and one of the very special ones, is the fact that we are a haven for Salmonberries!  We’re in our 2nd year of hosting the Salmonberry Dessert Contest, and we agreed that we needed to divide up the categories a bit as we had such a variety of treats last year!  We will have two categories in our renamed “Salmonberry Delights Contest”!  Sweet OR Savory – thanks to Kirsten Dixon for that description of last year’s event!  This allows folks to submit both the “Sweet” Salmonberry Desserts as well as “Savory” Salmonberry Dressings, sauces & other.  We’re excited to see what this year will bring!

The audience loved when the judges began sharing of all the treats once they had judged their portion.  This year we will have a People’s Choice winner as the crowd truly enjoyed getting in on the tasty fare!  So, to all entrants, please have enough for the 3 judges as well as some to share tastes with the diners at the Boardwalk as they will each have one vote!  This worked out beautifully last year, as the three judges just take a taste of a pie or cake so there is plenty to share… but when it is just a candy, scoop of ice cream or a muffin, there is not much to go around!  So keep that in mind!

Bring your entry before 6pm and sit down for dinner and a front row seat to the contest judging that begins at 7:30pm!

I know many folks who don’t live in Seldovia can’t wait for the season and make trips to our side of the bay for these elusive fruits!  Last year, as we looked back at our photos from 2016, we figured we would be safe to have our contest in late July!  Not so!  Our lack of sun and warmth last summer led to a mediocre and VERY late summer crop of salmonberries, so we moved the event to the end of August! Thankfully, it all worked out to the good, as Kirsten and Mandy Dixon were able to make the event in August, and never would have been able to swing it in July!  This year, the berries are ripening and plentiful, if you can beat the crows!

Last year, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go – if folks would find any berries – if anyone had great dessert recipes to create something for a contest… but when 7:30pm drew near, we had 25 entries!  We had to bring out two more tables to manage the dessert feast!

We had salmonberry coffee cake, salmonberry swirl cake, lemon salmonberry marscarpone cake, salmonberry cheesecake, brie cheese with salmonberry chutney, salmonberry cake with fireweed honey sauce, chocolate covered rice crispy salmonberry truffles, salmonberry shortcake, salmonberry crumble bars, salmonberry rhubarb pudding cake, salmonberry smoothie, salmonberry cheesecake bites, salmonberry sweet buns, salmonberry custard pie with shortbread crust, brie with salmonberry lemon cream cheese and salmonberry jelly sauce, angel food cake with orange butter salmonberry sauce, love of salmonberry pastry with cream rose salmonberry essence, etc!  It was incredible!

Thanks so much to Jeremiah and Angela and the Boardwalk Hotel staff who worked hard to accommodate all the entrants, people and fun!  They did a phenomenal job!  We look forward to having the contest there again this year!  Thank you for hosting!

Enjoy the Slide show from last year’s event below – where you can see the winning entries and amazing chefs and bakers of Seldovia!  Get inspired!


Interview with Celebrity Chef Kirsten –

It was such a privilege to meet and host Kirsten and her daughter Mandy in Seldovia.  Thanks so much to Valerie Granath from the Bridgekeeper’s Inn who offered her B&B for the two of them to enjoy a night in Seldovia after the contest!

I had a chance to visit with Kirsten and wanted to share some of her thoughts after the event was through!

Jenny – When you were invited to be a judge, what made you say “Yes”?

Kirsten – I enjoy any opportunity to visit Seldovia. We’re such close neighbors! At Tutka Bay Lodge we just feel that we are part of the Seldovia community and of course, I’m a huge fan of salmonberries and I’m a huge fan of our wild edibles bringing people closer together.

Jenny – You’ve been to Seldovia before, how was this visit?

Kirsten – Every time we visit Seldovia, it’s always a little bit more vibrant and active than the time we were there before.  People are super kind and friendly and very warm and inviting to us.

Jenny – What was the highlight of your stay?

Kirsten – It was a quick and short stay, but we were amazed at all the incredible baked goods submitted into the contest. So many talented cooks and bakers, both sweet and savory.
Jenny – Was the contest what you expected?  Why? Why not?

Kirsten – No, it certainly wasn’t what we expected. The talent and variety of the entries along with so many people entries, over 25!  It was pretty amazing!  The food at the restaurant was incredible, the company was wonderful, the music was really beautiful, and overall the evening with such great fun.  The bed and breakfast was sweet with such a lovely morning breakfast.

Jenny – This was our first time hosting a contest like this.   Next year, what could we do better?
Kirsten – We had a last-minute impromptu plan to share the desserts with people who were at the restaurant. I think this is a really fun way to bring observers into the event. Next year perhaps, you can ask the participants to make one entry for the judges and one to share with the crowd.
Jenny – There were 25 desserts, what was the best part about getting to taste all those yummies, and the most difficult?
Kirsten – The worst part was that each dish was so delicious. The best part was that I handed my leftovers to Mandy to save for later to eat at the bed-and-breakfast but the worst part again was that Mandy ate them all before we left the restaurant!
Jenny – Any other thoughts you’d like to share?
Kirsten – Look at what an amazing community event this was, even though it wasn’t the best berry year we’ve ever had. Imagine what it will be like next year. (I am already hoping for a better crop).
Jenny – Would you consider coming back again, maybe bring your cookbooks and do some book signing and perhaps a cooking demo?
Kirsten – Absolutely. Mandy and I are working on a new cookbook that will be out in the spring of 2019. We would love to share some of our new recipes and ideas – and, of course, learn from you as well.

Join us for the 2018 event, Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the Boardwalk Hotel!

All entries need to be registered at the hotel between 5:00 and 6:00pm.

Judging will begin at 7:30pm!

Flag Day 2018 Dessert Potluck

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Flag Day Dessert Potluck

Flag Day Dessert Potluck

The first of 4 Races this summer in Seldovia!

| June 7, 2018 | 0 Comments
by Jenny Chissus
Memorial Day Weekend is the start of our Seldovia Summer!  The sun is shining, the days are lengthening, snow birds are returning and summer businesses are opening up to receive the plethora (Ok, maybe not quite a plethora – but its a great word!) of visitors and locals out and about to enjoy our community.  We love our long winters and the time spent with family and friends in Seldovia, but we also look forward to the many friends and family that come to visit during our beautiful summers as well as visitors that grace our streets, enjoy our restaurants, activities and outdoors and create a bustle of activity in our community!
The Runners!
It is a funny thing about this first Annual Memorial Day 5K!  I’ll tell you the story.  Somehow, it managed to be put into the events for Seldovia in the Homer Chamber visitor’s guide.  Not sure how that happened, as we have never had a Memorial Day race.  But it must have been kismit – as one of our local business owners, an avid runner himself, Steve Bainbridge said “It’s on the calendar, we have to have it, I’ll run it!” and took on the challenge of coordinating the event.  Thank you Steve!
Out of the clouds and rain, came a beautiful day for a race!  It was certainly meant to be.  We had 18 participants in this inaugural event.  Enjoy the slideshow below – along with celebrating the winners in each category.
Average rating  1 2 3 4 5fYou must login to vote
Heather Renner - 1st place Adult Female
 Ben Hamster - 3rd place Adult Male
Martin Renner - 2nd place Adult Male
Lance Williamson - 1st place Adult Male
Holly Martinson - 2nd place Adult Female and Liv Kullberg - 2nd place Youth Female
Some of the Winners!
 Melissa Peterson - 3rd place Adult Female
Lukas Renner - 1st place Youth Male
Frida Renner - 1st place Youth Female
Heather Renner - 1st place Adult Female
 Ben Hamster - 3rd place Adult Male
Martin Renner - 2nd place Adult Male
Lance Williamson - 1st place Adult Male
Holly Martinson - 2nd place Adult Female and Liv Kullberg - 2nd place Youth Female
Some of the Winners!
 Melissa Peterson - 3rd place Adult Female
Lukas Renner - 1st place Youth Male
Frida Renner - 1st place Youth Female
Heather Renner - 1st place Adult Female
 Ben Hamster - 3rd place Adult Male
Martin Renner - 2nd place Adult Male
Awards!Adult Male
1st place — Lance Williamson
2nd place — Martin Renner
3rd place — Ben Hamster
Adult Female
1st place — Heather Renner
2nd place — Holly Martinson
3rd place — Melissa Peterson
Juvenile Male
1st place — Lukas Renner
Juvenile Female
1st place — Frida Renner
2nd place — Liv Kullberg
Kachemak Bay Running Club Logo
In addition to Steve Bainbridge who coordinated the event, thanks so much to all who helped put this together.  It truly was a team effort!
We want to give a special thanks to Andy Haas and the Kachemak Bay Running Club for sponsoring the race, providing insurance and bringing some folks across the bay to participate!  Also, Tobben Spurkland showed up with the Start and Finish signs and performed the timing for the event, Adam Hilts helped with set up and take down and helped man the airport turn around to direct runners, Ted Moore, Jenny Chissus, Devin Chissus and Chuck Nagel also managed the course direction at key turns so that runners didn’t get lost in Seldovia.  🙂  Seldovia Property bought the bibs and Vivian Rojas helped with registration and course management with Steve.
Overall – it was a very successful first of four races this summer in Seldovia!  If you want to have another chance at a running challenge, we have the Salmon Shuffle 5K on the 4th of July, the Jakolof Bay 10 Mile Run/Bike on the 28th of July, and we finish the season with the Labor Day weekend End of Summer Mini Marathon 5K and 10K on September 1st.
Running and walking is great in Seldovia, as you can run on dirt, sand and gravel (not too much concrete) and the traffic – well there is very little.  Steve has started to coordinate a group of runners – The Seldovia Running Club – and he has some ideas up his sleeve!  If you are interested in gathering with fellow runners, then please stop by the Harbor Inn Coffee and Gift Shop on Main Street and check in with Steve – he loves to talk running.  🙂  Maybe someday there will be 5 runs on the calendar in Seldovia!

Come run in Seldovia!

So proud and thankful for our Seldovia Veterans!

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