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Seldovia to Host “Made In Alaska” Workshop

| February 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

by Jenny Chissus

Made in Alaska WorkshopWhat a great opportunity for Seldovians!  A free workshop for business owners and marketers will be hosted in the Seldovia Conference Center at the ATC Building.  This is a fantastic chance to get great insight into marketing and promoting your business or service from those who know!
I had a chance to visit with Bill Webb about the program and the services his consulting firm will be providing at this upcoming event!
Gazette: Tell me more about your company and your mission?  How are you funded so that you can travel and support independent entrepreneurs throughout the state?
Bill:  Made in Alaska is a State of Alaska program, www.madeinalaska.org established in law and funded by the Department of Commerce.  Our annual budget is $108,000.  Webb’s Consulting & Management Services, Inc. is under contract to operate the program and has done so since 1999.  We put on five workshops each year.  One is always in Anchorage and the other four in different Alaska cities.
Gazette:  Will you be the one here in Seldovia teaching the class?
Bill:  Presenters in Seldovia this year will be Bill Webb and Dana Reese.  Bill is president of Webb’s Consulting & Management Services, Inc. as well as Program Continue Reading