Welcome to a new business in Seldovia! Rosie and The House of Shugga!

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Rosie has recently moved to Seldovia, and brought her business to town! I asked a few questions, and am excited to introduce her to Seldovia! The House of Shugga is located in the Central Suites building, right across the hall from Fathoms Salon! We certainly hope you will stop by and meet Rosie and check out

Rosie – Thanks for taking a minute to chat with me! First of all, WELCOME to Seldovia! We are so excited you are here! There is a lot to chat about, but what we’d really like to know is, tell us all about you, where you moved from, and why you chose Seldovia?

Owner Rosie – House of Shugga

Rosie: Thank you Jenny for having me! Well, I am a 12 – year Army Combat Veteran who turned her combat boots into garden boots. Upon leaving the Army, I became an off-grid homesteader. My niche was raising dairy goats and growing my own food with the goal of living a 75% self-sustaining life style. I accomplished that goal and it has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. 8 years later, I ended up in Homer, Alaska. Although Homer is beautiful, I really enjoy peace and quiet. A Homer local told me about Seldovia and how peaceful it is. So I decided to spend my birthday by taking the ferry over to see what Seldovia had to offer. I was blown away as the Seldovia Bay Ferry pulled into the harbor. I knew then that this quiet community was where I needed to be.

Jenny: So the big news is that you just had your Grand Opening for House of Shugga! Everyone is pretty thrilled to have you here! We all could use some yummy spa days at home! Can you fill us in on what products and services you will be able to provide right downtown?

Rosie: I offer handmade goat milk soap in a variety of styles. Moisturizing body butters & lotions, bubbly fun baths, for your bath/shower routines to aromatic wax melts, floral bouquet reed diffusers and concrete candles for your home fragrance. The House of Shugga is all about self-care. There is nothing like coming home from a hard day’s work and enjoying a relaxing bath or shower using bath products that are full of ingredients that are not only good for your skin but moisturizing as well. Add a nice fragrant candle or wax melt to set the mood as you relax and unwind for the evening.

Jenny: What is your vision for your services here? How can the community support your new endeavor? What are you excited about?

Rosie: My vision is to have at least one bar of my soaps in every home here in Seldovia.

The community can support The House of Shugga by not only purchasing a luxurious bar of soap or body butter but by also:

· Leave a review on the website

· Share on social media

· Like and comment on a post

· Tell all your friends about The House of Shugga

· Choose to buy from us rather than a bigger brand

· Shop Small, Support Local

What I am excited about is summer! When everyone is back and all the businesses are open and in full swing for all the people who come and the events that happen in Seldovia throughout the summer. Especially Summer Solstice! I am really excited for that because of my birthday and I am planning an entire product line around Summer Solstice that I cannot wait to share!

Jenny: So when you are not at school, as the secretary or cook – what kinds of things do you like to do? What are you looking forward to doing on “off” time in Seldovia?

Rosie: When I am not working at Susan B English school, I like being in my studio designing a new soap. I am looking forward to fishing, spending time with my new friends I’ve met in Seldovia, who are like family to me, and just enjoying an Alaskan Summer!

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